The face of your company: why you should invest in your team page

By 21st September 2020News

Recently, we launched a new-look website for our client, Auriga Services, and were delighted when they received some great positive feedback from a prospect. They said: “[The website] was easy to navigate and interesting. She especially liked the element about Auriga colleagues.” With more businesses moving online, now more than ever it is important to stand out from your competitors. Companies often overlook the importance of a good team page, but this can be a vital piece in adding personality and trust to your site.

Why should you invest in creating a team page on your website?
Despite the increase in the number of online transactions, consumers still want to ‘buy in’ to a company, particularly when purchases are expensive or involve a longer-term contractual commitment. An attractive, informative team page can provide prospects with a good feel of your business; a faceless person behind a brand becomes much more personable and web visitors are more inclined to feel attached to your team. Remember that customers aren’t just buying your products and services; they are putting trust into your company, and therefore your team.

What does a good team page like look like?

In a nutshell, a successful team page should show:

  • The company’s personality, and ties with the ethos of the company
  • That the customer can trust the company
  • The experience of team members
  • High quality, consistently styled photography
  • Useful information such as contact details
  • Diversity within your team

A good team page should highlight personality, but it should also fit with your brand, the services and goods that you are offering and how team members can offer solutions; after all, that’s why customers are visiting your website. It should grab the attention of the viewer and encourage them to get in touch to find out more.

You should consider getting professional photos taken that fit well with your company ethos and the website aesthetic. The type of photography is quite important: when seeking a solicitor, for example, you might be expecting to see more serious photography than when you are looking for a creative agency… Any copy should also reflect this – fun facts are great when showing personality, but keep it concise and relevant, and appropriate!

Team pages that we think work really well:

Despite being a large corporation, ASOS really highlights its ethos and what it stands for…

Creative and inspiring team page that fits well with the brand….

One of the world’s largest global firm DLA Piper highlights the expertise and specialisms of its employees…

And of course, we love our own team page too! Check us out here:

If you are looking to get a superb team page created, either as part of an existing website or a new site design, get in touch with OWB today!