Writing compelling headlines and copy for social media

By 23rd February 2021News

Your success on social media will be impacted by the strength of your writing skills but creating effective online content doesn’t have to be hard. If you’re seeking to sharpen up your posts on social media platforms and optimise their effect, read on as we take a closer look at how well-constructed copy and headlines can result in higher levels of engagement.

Keywords make click-throughs

The use of keywords is just as important in your social media posts as it is in your blog or web copy. Search Engine Optimisation, SEO for short, is the practice of making your posts easy to find and ensuring they attract as much attention as possible. By selecting the right keywords to put in your posts, you can increase the probability of people reading your content.

To pick the right keywords, select simple words that express what your business or post is about. When people search for a certain phrase or word, your post will then be included in results inviting a greater readership. Never stuff your posts with keywords, instead be selective and conduct research into keywords that are trending and choose those to grab new followers.

Write properly in your posts

It might seem obvious, but among the easiest ways to alienate your readership are to use poor spelling and grammar. Although short-form and slang are commonly used on social media, particularly those that limit the number of characters you can use, misspelt words and the incorrect use of punctuation marks can make you seem less professional and create a voice that others are less inclined to listen to.

Powerful headlines

The role of headlines is to immediately capture people’s attention. This type of title is one of the simplest ways to encourage interaction with others on social media.

It’s worth remembering that titles should also include your keyword and if they ask a question, the content that follows should always answer it. No matter how compelling your content is, if it doesn’t match your title it will negatively impact your post so be consistent.

Structure your content and make it sharable

Before making a post, be exceptionally clear of your intention. Ask yourself why are you writing and who are you writing to? How do you want them to feel and what do you hope to achieve? Once you understand your aim and who your audience is, you’ll be able to create more compelling posts designed to meet your specific intentions.

To ensure your words go further, make sure the posts you put out there are those that people will want to share. Social media users typically share content to feel connected, express specific beliefs and feel valued. With this in mind, create posts that have value, such as how-to content or useful hints and tips.

Following these tips can help you add to your growing list of followers but keep practising with every post you make to improve your results. 

So whether it’s help with killer content you need, just a headline or a complete social strategy, OWB can help to give your business an online voice and a platform to reach out to. If you need help building your social and content strategy, then just give team OWB a buzz! Call: 0121 766 657