Sounds from the Square – OWB’s Podcast

By 15th February 2021Podcast

Last week the team got together to record the first of 2021’s podcasts – Sounds from the Square.

This month at OWB, we’re talking all things social media – how to really optimise your presence on a range of social media channels through a well-planned strategy. That’s not to say that you can’t be reactive with your marketing – we’re seeing more and more how quickly people respond on social media to current events, such as the passing of Sir Captain Tom Moore at the beginning of the month – companies and individuals alike were quick to post messages of condolences, even reaching to billboards and ATL campaigns.

Chris has been taken in by the latest TikTok trend for ‘Little Moons’ – small Japanese ice cream balls that have taken social media by storm. In fact, the Grocer has stated that the craze has resulted in a 700% rocket in sales in Tesco! (

In order to plan a successful campaign, a good scheduling tool is really important. Most now offer far more than a way of broadcasting your posts, and offer really great insights into your engagement, reach and the behaviours of your audience, allowing you to tailor your posts and broadcast times to suit your audience. Our favourites are:

This report by Social Media Today has some really good insight into the impact COVID-19 has had on engagement and the best times to post:[…]668%5D&utm_term=Social%20Media%20Today%20%2B%20Weekender

Variety is key with your posts – break up your content with user generated content (customer testimonials, customer pics), seasonal work and awareness days, jump on trends, but also talk about your services and products.

With so much activity happening online, social listening – tools available within most scheduling tools – offer you the opportunity to see what people are talking about, and what your customers are saying about you.

We talked about the Six Nations – with no crowds, no atmosphere or pitch-side interviews available, social media will be key for commentators and sports writers to gauge reaction and feelings towards the matches. It will be really interesting to see how the teams and sports broadcasters use the power of social media to aid engagement and stir a conversation. Can you deliver global events virtually, and can broadcasters keep up with social?!

One social media platform we can’t ignore – even though it’s perhaps a little out of our target age bracket – is TikTok. We have enlisted the help of two special guests to help us talk about the power and fun of TikTok. Bea and Eliza talk about why they think a TikTok strategy should always form part of your wider social media marketing plan and how the rise of the GenZ platform has changed how they consume content online.

It’s no easy feat – creating content for a range of platforms, a range of audience demographics, posting at the right time and creating a two-way dialogue. For help with your strategy, planning, scheduling and creative approach, we can help! Get in touch today.