Trumping it up on Twitter

By 14th May 2019December 2nd, 2019News

Is Twitter still relevant?

Twitter is still an important player in the social media world – boasting over 321 million monthly active users! Despite the fact that everyone seems to be fleeing to Instagram worldwide and heralding its importance for reaching audiences, sharing brand and social selling – which it is great for! However, Twitter is still highly relevant and should be an integral part of your overall business strategy and presents a key engagement opportunity.

The social platforms daily active user base is said to be growing, with many using it as a key news resource, and check the platform several times a day.

Twitter is an essential part of news gathering for the worldwide media. It is also a key source of information for anybody who is interested in a myriad number of other topics from train spotting to circus performing. If you have an interest, Twitter will have a link to it. This is a great opportunity for tying your brand into topical conversations and joining the big global debates.

Donald Trump

Love him or loathe him, the US President, Donald Trump has shown how effective the platform Twitter is. Journalists can get information for press releases from the White House and press conferences. Journalists are often anxiously waiting on the latest twitter feeds from the President to discover his policy thinking, this allows them to pick up the presidential feed anywhere at any time.

If tailored affectively twitter presents a key opportunity to get your brand noticed and build a community engagement, through a well-defined brand voice. First step is to master the basics and to optimise Twitter to meet your business objectives:

Top 10 Tips for Twitter Use:

  1. Nail your overall social strategy and determine what you want to achieve, this could be:
    • Building brand and product awareness
    • Generating leads and sales
    • Increasing customer loyalty
  2. Write a great bio, first impressions are important
  3. Identify your target audience and craft specific and measurable goals, using analytics to help to fine tune your approach
  4. Attach your brand to topical conversations – to help build local and global relevancy for your brand
  5. Create great content, write tweets that are on brand, easy to read, and likely to resonate with your audience. Videos are also a great way to engage users.
  6. Keep your twitter presence unique and make your brand a little more human
  7. Use relevant hashtags that will ensure your content is seen by as many followers as possible
  8. Gifs can be a great option for adding some relevant fun to your tweets
  9. Post at the right time and regularly to increase the chance of exposure
  10. Engage with your audience: follow your network, respond quickly, retweet, like and follow. Use @mentions and tag people.

Twitter nicely sums up its own audience:

“People on Twitter are influential, receptive, and drive results like nowhere else. So when you’re building your marketing plans, start with them.” 

This is a very fair statement, everybody who is anybody seems to be on Twitter and it is a platform that cannot be ignored.

At OWB we can help you navigate through the Twitter maze – and all other social media platforms. We cannot guarantee that you will get the following Donald Trump has but we can certainly help you towards realising your business objectives and maximise the opportunities that it brings.

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