The sweet taste of success! Want to create a flippin’ great content plan?

By 5th March 2019News

To celebrate Pancake Day we are serving up some sweet tips, including a well-blended mix of ingredients for creating a perfect content strategy.
Shareable content will attract the attention of followers on your site, blogs and social media platforms. Once you get the knack of it and into the habit you will be a content making pro before you know it, so don’t let your ideas stay stuck to the pan (or the ceiling perhaps).

Simple content recipe:


Push out industry relevant news across your blogs, social media and email marketing, to inform your audiences about hot topics relating to your market – this is more likely to open the lines of conversation with your followers. The key is to pinning down the right stories that are timely and intriguing to engage with your target audience. This is also great for building networking opportunities as posting topical news on LinkedIn or blogging on your website increases the likelihood of connecting with influencers and business leaders in your market and the chance to stir up an interest and instigate debate with them.


That people will share. Regularly brainstorm content ideas and push out topical news stories daily that are relevant to your industry. Informing your audiences and providing useful insights into the industry will help to portray you as an expert in your field. Devising a weekly social plan will ensure content is kept interesting, timely and relevant.

If the posts can capture your audience’s attention it will increase the likelihood of them being shared, simultaneously maximising the potential reach as they will share within their network. Butter up your customers with engaging competitions, freebies or special offers across your social platforms to invoke curiosity and to encourage your audience to share your posts, creating your own hashtags to increase reach and to stand out from a crowded market.


Decorate and complement your content with powerful, bold and engaging creative. Use of infographics, with snappy stats will make content more digestible and the design elements more striking. Images and videos help your audience to retain information better and instantly makes your content appear friendly and familiar, while amplifying key messages.


Include topical and inspiring content relevant to your industry that you know your target audience will care about and that will be of value to them. The nature of your content needs to project a strong sense of brand personality, an authoritative and knowledgeable tone including a sprinkling of strong examples –  all essential toppings to increase the chance of your blogs being shared.


Apply a proactive frame of thinking and draw up a solid social media calendar, weekly and monthly. As already mentioned pushing out planned and topical content relevant to your industry is necessary, but also spend a small amount of your day keeping an eagle eye out for any market news stories that are more time sensitive in nature. Don’t forget to understand your target audience and their social habits, but also scheduling in posts at suitable times when they are more likely to engage with them.

So, to conclude it is vital to devise a unique content plan as it forms an integral part of your marketing strategy that will help to; raise your company’s profile, amplify key messages relating to your industry, align you closer to your target audience and create an authoritative voice in your industry. All part of wider efforts to build brand trust, so your engaged audience don’t crêpe away, whilst also developing a stack of fresh customers and tasty business opportunities.