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The Rise and Fall (and rise again) of the QR code…

By 3rd May 2023Trend Tuesday

The QR code has had a funny old life. At one point, we were actively discouraging clients from putting them on their work as they were seen to be a bit clunky and pointless, taking up perfectly good space on a page. However, as a result the pandemic’s need for contactless living, they appear to have had quite the resurgence. People love getting more information, and while QR codes are most commonly used to push people to your website, they can also be used to provide much more interesting and useful information…

  1. Share Wifi access information for instant connectivity in common areas
  2. Link to videos, reviews and more information about the product or service customers are buying
  3. Connect with potential clients using a vCard, allowing people to add your details directly to their device contact list
  4. Recipes or shopping lists on food-based print ads
  5. Virtual menus and ordering tools in bars and restaurants
  6. Mobile payments for cashless transactions
  7. Add a survey link to product sales tags for post-sales feedback opportunities
  8. Link to your social media channels
  9. Give customers more information on sustainability of your products and packaging

Or why not take your marketing to the next level with an AR Code – allowing you to reproduce an Augmented Reality 3D experience without requiring any apps, glasses or headsets.

There’s a wealth of possibilities available within those tiny black and white squares – how will you use them in your next campaign? Let us know! If you’d like to speak to us about QR Codes and how to bring your creative to life, contact the CAN-DO Team today!