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PODCAST: Sounds from the Square

By 24th May 2021Podcast

In our latest ‘Sounds from the Square’ podcast episode, the team talk about the importance of email marketing, and the main things to consider in your email marketing strategy:

Audience – who you are talking to will effect the language you use, the frequency and type of content you push out, the time of day and day of the week you send… TEST TEST TEST to see what works for your particular audience.

Data – data is always key. A warm, smaller list of contacts will often outperform a larger, purchased list. Getting your data right will also increase opportunities for personalisation.

Platform – price can vary depending on the number of features and flexibility you need.

Messaging – are you engaging with your audience and creating a personalised relationship?

Objectives – is your main success measurement opens, or clicks? How you create your email and the elements you focus on will vary  according to what you’d like to achieve…

Copy – is your email a long-read piece, or short-read snippets linked to your website?

With email strategies and reading habits changing through the pandemic, it can be difficult to know how to get it right. We’re here to help with your strategy, copywriting, design, sending and reporting – contact Andy today.