OWB’s Black Friday Marketing Survival Guide

By 14th November 2018News

OWB are coming to your rescue this Black Friday, one of the most anticipated days for shoppers to score some tops deals on Christmas gifts. We have created some handy tips for making the most of the sales frenzy on Friday 23 November, so that you are ready and raring to go.

Many consumers are on high alert and on the hunt for massive bargains, during this key opportunity when companies dish out some tasty Black Friday deals and market some of their best products.

Digital is the priority for many companies, as consumers prefer bargain hunting from their sofa, as facing the stores can be an unnerving event (they also avoid the fights breaking out over a TV in the lobby).

Preparation is key:

Plan and carefully organise your sales in advance, instead of offering last minute deals; which haven’t been carefully thought out. Your business wants to avoid falling into the trap of slashing prices to compete, and having a negative impact on your bottom line despite a temporary spike in sales.

Avoid the pitfalls:

If you are planning on holding a Black Friday sale, it is extremely important you understand the pros and cons of the last few year’s sales. The unprecedented success of Black Friday often triggers a lot of unforeseen problems for businesses having sales. However, during this period customers have serious buying intent and this predictable spending growth behaviour can be tapped into.   

Top product discounts:

Have a solid promotion strategy in place, many retailers will put their best products in front of customers online, via social media and utilising email lists to drive engagement. Promoting your best sellers is also more likely to give your customers what they are looking for. Reward loyal customers and offer them the top deals, they could get an exclusive “first look” access to sales and encourage them to email sign-ups in return.

Don’t miss a trick:

A win-win strategy for brands and their customers is to offer structured discountswhere consumers buy more and save more, and some retailers will price match sale deals.Offering a free fast delivery will be a major pull for customers as well.

Double check everything:

Ensure a smooth sales and shipping process, by double checking the stock counton all of your products. Don’t forget to make sure your site is functioningand responsive throughout the weekend, sales will be dramatically influenced by online purchases, as a high proportion of people find Black Friday bargains online.


Generate a buzz, get ready for the rush as soon as possible and target customers across social media and email marketing with teaser sneak peeks. This will ensure that they keep an eagle out for discounts and are aware when sales go live. Give your followers and email marketing list special offers and get creative with your email headlines so that it stands out –  customers will be getting an influx of emails in the lead up to Black Friday.

Get website ready:

Have a countdown on your website to tease people with information and create a special landing page for the event. If no one knows about your discount day and you don’t market it enough, they won’t engage!

Optimise your product pages:

Make sure your Black Friday product pages are up-to- date, optimised and as helpful as possible. Perhaps add additional seasonal keywords such as ‘Black Friday sale’ and ‘Christmas gifts’ to the descriptions too, and ensure these products are included in your Google Products feed.

Influencer Marketing:

If you have some good connections in your industry, try getting a blogger on board to review some of your products as part of their own Christmas list, this will increase the reach of your Black Friday or Christmas campaign and you will be able to engage with a new audience base.

Keep an eye on your competitors:

Ensure that your offering is competitive, have regular activity on your social media accounts and website, signing up to google alerts.

Post-Black Friday:

If you want to turn these one-time shoppers into repeat customers, keep them informed and enticed with new deals offered via email and social media.

Hopefully these tips will help your business tackle the battle that is Black Friday. Talk to us if you need help tailoring your marketing plan and strategy.