New tools being provided by digital platforms to help brands directly connect with customers.

By 4th June 2020News

Now is a key time for brands to strike the right chord and seek out new ways to reach out to customers, making the most of new digital tools, aimed at supporting brands as they re-position their focus.

Companies continue to be pushed to their limits and businesses are being strongly encouraged to pay close attention to how they communicate with consumers, rethinking the way they develop a more direct and personal connection with their customers online, with many still being away from the office. We explore the latest trends and tools in digital marketing aimed at helping brands navigate this tough terrain.

Every brand is under pressure to shift their focus and realign their marketing strategies, the power of social media and digital marketing has been integral to achieving this. Customer behaviour has changed significantly, brand messaging and trust building is a necessity. At the top of the agenda for all brands, especially retail and service providers, they are seeking better ways to utilise their wide connection opportunities, and adopting new tools to change the way they are operating and still grow.

Here are some of the latest tools:

Facebook Shops:

The timing couldn’t have been better for the introduction of Facebook Shops, a retail platform, but how exactly does it work? Despite the fact that a number of shops are re-opening soon, brands and retailers are still on the hunt to find new ways to engage with isolated customers, consolidating with their re-opening strategies.

The ecommerce service is aimed at smaller businesses and brands, which will enable them to sell directly from the Facebook platform. The offering will not only let brands sell directly to customers through Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp through “shopfronts”, but will also offer brands a new way to sell products through Facebook Live and empower small business owners to better connect with customers.

LinkedIn Live and LinkedIn Events

LinkedIn has also released new features offering a major solution to companies unable to host events (which we expect will last for some time more!) helping brands connect with wider audiences and communities through virtual events – that can hosted safely online.

The first offering is LinkedIn Live, which helps organisations drive reach and brand awareness with their audiences, while LinkedIn Events is helping strengthen relationships with target audiences by allowing them to seamlessly create and join professional events. Turning these two products into a new virtual events solution that enables companies to stay connected to their communities and meet their customers wherever they are.

This Events offering enables companies to do the following:

  • Host events safely, in a trusted environment
  • Share events to Page followers and send direct invitations
  • Build buzz for events or live broadcasts by posting an update to Page or event feeds
  • Keep the conversation going after the event with the Video tab, a dedicated hub for a Page’s organic video content.

Google ads video series:

Google is also helping to support brands in maximising their potential during challenging times by launching a series of videos, to help businesses maximise their digital marketing opportunities, their reach and level of response. Google is launching a new video series (Link: designed to help marketers get a better understanding of key opportunities and trends, and provide updates on relevant Google ad products and tools to maximise reach and response.

The update will seek to help marketers make better use of the digital ad tools available, with insights from product experts in analytics, search, Google Ads. Data produced will reveal about the current climate, what your business needs to know right now, and the best methods and newest products to help you adapt to a new normal.

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