Top tips to sharpen up your LinkedIn presence

By 6th August 2018News

The schools are officially off, many things slow down during the summer in businesses, social media is not one of them. In particular, your LinkedIn platform should be kept buzzing all through the snoozey summer months.
The thriving content platform that is LinkedIn allows you to obtain massive reach and visibility with your ideal clients. It forms a key opportunity to capitalise on free exposure and grow your brand, but how do you get that content actually seen? Here are some top tips for increasing views on your LinkedIn content:

  1. Create long-form style status updates instead of LinkedIn articles:- Although you are limited to 250-300 words in status updates, you can create punchier content that is far more to the point, it takes less time to create and gets far greater reach. The secret to captivating an audience is how you tailor your opening sentence, this will grab people’s attention as they scroll at high speed and encourage them to tap to “see more”
  2. Avoid links in your status updates: – insert them in your first comment instead: This simple tactic can significantly increase your views per post from 100 views to a superb 5000 views per post! LinkedIn throttle reach on status updates with links, as they don’t want to discourage people from using their platform. Don’t forget to direct your audience to a link at the end.
  3. Create punchy and snappy paragraphs: Keep paragraphs short and sweet to maintain engagement levels with readers. Most people don’t read much text on their phone, so they aren’t going to bother reading a mass of block text
  4. Shape your content marketing frameworks: – The key is to create topical content that will stir an interest. The following types of posts are fundamental for driving huge engagement and reach: –
  • List posts: Disclose to your audience your favourite business books, blogs, podcasts or productivity tools.
  • Share key learning stories: Write about pivotal moments in your professional journey and key learnings taken. By adopting a different stance your audience will find this the style of content more intriguing.
  • Invite questions from your network and encourage them to challenge your expertise
  1. Commenting and engaging with every comment on your posts: – This will increase the level of exposure of your posts and the likelihood they will be seen in your LinkedIn news feeds. Replies don’t need to be lengthy but the more you engage, the more you grow the visibility that your status will get in the news feeds.
  2. Start an engagement group:- Create your own “engagement groups” which are simply LinkedIn group message threads containing 12-15 of your close connections in the industry. Create a new status update then send a link to update everyone in your engagements groups, to guarantee that close connections see your content. Hence, when worthy content receives good engagement in the first hour that it’s live LinkedIn will increase the visibility of the post by placing it into more news feeds, increasing engagement.
  3. Engage with other’s content to increase visibility:- Your comments on other people’s posts show up in the news feeds of your first-degree connections, fundamentally leaving a comment on someone’s update is like writing a mini post.

These are all necessary quick wins for brands to reach their audience and capitalise on the additional bonus of LinkedIn being free. Do you need assistance with building your social media accounts? Get in touch with us today and we can show you the potential that the likes of LinkedIn can bring.