How to make podcasts work for your business

By 9th March 2020News

According to Ofcom, the UK has 7.1m weekly podcast listeners, which has risen by 24% over the past year1 and is expected to grow even further in 2020. We are bringing you everything you need to know about how to create a successful podcast.

Most podcast listeners are looking for informative content that they can enjoy on the go – on their commute, at home or in the office – and this is where the opportunity lies for companies who have not yet dipped their toe in the water. There is a podcast for everyone, whether you are into motoring, business, crime, mental health and wellbeing – the topic choices are endless.

A podcast makes your brand trustworthy

As consumers are becoming more critical of paid collaborations on social channels, they are seeking content that is real, trustworthy and informative, and podcasts are a great way of highlighting your knowledge on a specific subject. A recent survey conducted by Medium2 highlighted that 82% of the respondents identified a podcast as trustworthy to very trustworthy.

Highlighting your expertise

Podcasts are an excellent opportunity to present yourself as an industry expert and bring relevant information to your target audience, which in turn can become a USP for your business.

It will drive traffic to your website

Once you have created your podcast, you will need to get it hosted on a platform such as iTunes, Google Play or Spotify – this will enable your listeners to find you and all of your podcast episodes. The platforms give you an opportunity to create a business profile, which can link back to your website to potentially increase visitor numbers.

How do you get your podcast out to your listeners?

Increasing your listener base in the beginning can be quite tricky, however your first port of call should be promoting it to your already engaged customers through social media channels, email campaigns & your website. The platforms mentioned above also allow you to add tags and category information, enabling new listeners to search for or stumble across a podcast that may interest them.

What do you need to do prior to recording a podcast?

It is worth writing a basic structure with questions and topics that you would like to cover in your recording session to avoid those awkward silences if you’re trying to think of what to say! It will also avoid embarrassment if you are inviting guest speakers to your podcast! Try not to script the entire podcast though, as it can sound wooden and forced. Headers and main points to cover as reminders are helpful.

When recording, ensure to speak clearly and accurately in a quiet room or studio (without background noise), so your podcast has great sound quality.

Is it expensive?

Creating a podcast is inexpensive – all you need is a microphone, audio editing software and hosting platform. You can find links to some great free editing software programs here. We’re loving the Samson q2u microphone as an entry-level microphone, but we’ve heard great things about the Rode Procaster too, if you’re looking for something a bit heavier duty.

Is there anything else I need to know?

With podcasts on the rise, now is a great time to give it a go! If you are looking to implement podcasts as part of your marketing strategy, speak to OWB today. In the meantime, why not listen to our very own OWB podcast, where we discuss all things marketing!