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How can you breathe new life into your Social Media?

By 13th April 2022News

Social media is a powerful force in marketing, integral for building leads, brand awareness and driving traffic to your webpage. But what does success look like in social media and how can you tailor your strategy to better gain results for your business, getting people positively talking about your brand?

The essence of social media is all about bringing your brand to life, creatively getting your messages out there tailored for your different audiences, sparking conversations, and effectively building a digital community.

  •  Content planning: Consider what your audience want to see, share dynamic captivating content in a creative manner. Consistency is key, distribute relevant, shareable, and engaging posts – quality trumps quantity! Engage in social listening, use hashtags, source User Generate Content (UGC) that you can share, getting followers involved in your content.
  • Stay top of mind: Social media gives you the opportunity to connect with followers in a meaningful manner, keep posting entertaining and informative content that will keep audiences interested and they’ll be glad to see your new content on their feeds.
  • Think Creatively: Always keep an eye on your competitors, how can you excel better than them? Find fun ways to connect with customers, be it through rewarding them with competitions, Q/A sessions, webinars, or live videos that they can participate in.
  • Establish your brand as a thought leader: People look to brands for insights, tailor your content so that you are the go-to source for info on topics relating to your niche, whilst proving your expertise.
  • Be interactive: Create meaningful user experiences with followers, don’t just post – engage! It’s a two-way communication street in social media; respond to your audience in an authentic manner and keep it conversational. Respond to users’ comments or by creating more interactive content
  • Stay on top of industry news: Things move fast in the world, you can’t afford to be left behind, stay informed what’s upcoming in your industry?
  • Spark a conversation: Humanise your brand, create real human connections, be interactive, introduce the people who make up your company. People love when brands do things like live videos showcasing your products or have polls to learn more about consumers.
  • Partner with influencers: This will help to get people talking about your brand and building awareness and credibility. Draw attention to the influencers following your brand and spark a conversation with them.
  • Mix it up: Use a combination of paid and organic social media, static images, carousels, or video content. This will help you to get the word out there and generate awareness, bringing in a new audience, and potentially increasing leads and conversions.
  • Precision target marketing: Why not give paid advertising a go on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram perhaps? This will give you the power to reach the right audience and craft messages to better speak to them. Firstly, establish a goal and desired outcomes, ensuring that this is aligned to your business objectives. The next step is optimising the advert, researching appropriate creative, punchy copy, call to actions etc. (OWB can help you with this!)
  • Learn about your customers: Demographics, tailoring strategy to better speak to audiences, what do they want to see?
  • Track performance: Measure what kinds of content people engaged with, so that you can evolve your strategy (OWB can create some highly insightful paid or organic reports for you!). Campaign success boils down to analytics, determining whether ROI is gained. Was there an uplift in the conversion rate and leads? Did you influence your selected audience to take a desired action ie. Have click-through rates increased to your site, is there an email sign-up uplift or increase in product purchases?

Every opportunity you have to increase your brand’s visibility is invaluable. Social media is simply another way to get your voice heard by a wider audience. It is an effective platform to reach and engage with new, prospective customers, whilst continuing a dialogue with current ones.

Success in social media depends on how well you can get the message out there, positively generated awareness and creating a source of differentiation, breaking through the noise of competitors.

If you want help crafting a winning social media strategy then get in touch with us today.