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Were you an April Fool?

By 2nd April 2024Trend Tuesday

It’s that time of year again – the day you should never believe anything you read online! Were you fooled by any April Fool’s jokes this year? How do you feel about the prankster tradition? We take a look at some of the best brand examples from 2024…

Erwin Hymer Travelworld

This April Fool’s Day, OWB decided to jump on Barbie-mania and turn a Hymer motorhome pink for our client, Erwin Hymer Travelworld. The prank got great engagement on Facebook and Instagram, with customers wishing it was an option for their next motorhome!

Aldi’s ‘Love Aisleland’ reality show

Interested in finding love this summer? Join Aldi’s ‘new’ reality show aimed to connect people in the aisles! After a fantastic response, the social media team did need to confess that it was in fact a prank (and that it would never pass their legal team!).

Credit: Instagram/@aldispecialbuysuk

Currys serving curries

Tech retailer Currys has launched a new April Fool’s initiative whereby customers can exchange their old tech for its namesake: curries.

Would you choose a Mixer Masala, Air Fried-Aloo, Crock Pot-ato Vindaloo or a signature Currys Curry?

Credit: Currys

Toolstation’s trade-inspired fragrances

Toolstation’s took to social media this April 1st to ‘launch’ of a range of trade-inspired fragrances: Sawdust Seduction, Plumbers Paradise and Welding Whisper.

The product description reads: ‘Bask in elegant tones of fragrances that transcend time itself. Awaken your soul with notes of sawdust, unveil a captivating journey through the rich scents of plumbing, and ignite the flames of desire with whispers of welding.’

Credit: Toolstation