Digbeth Doodles – March

By 10th March 2020News

Hello everyone and welcome to the 3rdedition of DIGBETH DOODLES!!

We have an absolute cracker of an episode this week as we are joined by one of our super designers, Bryony! In an episode  this week.

We kick off in style with a look at what we have enjoyed with Andy giving us a quick recap of the work that he and the team have been getting up to over the past week. From Lloyds to LSC we have been very busy. We also debated our favourite Pancake flavours with some controversial combinations being thrown into the mix, savoury or sweet? which is your favourite flavour?

In the “Nice Creative” section, we heard about burger scented candles from McDonalds and some rather interesting anti-flatulence underwear which Andy was a very enthusiastic fan of for some reason! We also spoke about our Digbeth Business giveaway and our creative support for Cure Leukaemia – Gary Lineker recently promoted GT15 Tour de France, plus, much much more in this hugely entertaining segment!

Find out more about GT15 here: http://www.cureleukaemia.co.uk/page/news/519/lineker-helps-launch-geoff-thomas-day

Have a look at the McDonalds candles here: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/8581522/mcdonalds-big-mac-scented-candles/

We spoke about food pics and we asked the questions on everyone’s lips … WHY! does Tings take pictures of her food!?

We finished off by speaking about who needs some PR this week and were enlightened by a combination of Bryony and Tings on the wonders of TikTok and how they feel about the direction that the platform is heading in, and how restaurants use science to lure in customers and get us to promote their business for free!


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