Digbeth Doodles – January 2020

By 6th February 2020News

The OWB marketing podcast catch-up, that EVERY serious marketer needs to hear.


OWB is entering the world of podcasting! Introducing ‘Digbeth Doodles’, yes, it’s finally here! The fruity podcast from Digbeth’s favourite creative agency rambling on about all things from Daniel Craig to digital marketing… with a few useful tips thrown in for good measure!

Fun fact for you…did you know that more than 7.1 million people in the UK listen to a podcast each week? That is in fact one in eight people, according to Ofcom research and numbers are increasing!

Here’s a snapshot of our FIRST EVER podcast for 2020…


What have you seen in advertising and marketing lately that caught your attention? 


January was Veganuary and the adverts were everywhere with every brand jumping on the bandwagon. Quorn, in particular, has unveiled a carbon footprint campaign that encourages both children and families to have Quorn and by doing so you’re impacting positively on climate change. Is Veganuary just becoming one massive PR stunt for companies wanting to make some extra money or can turning vegan help to save the climate?

Climate change is especially topical at the moment, we discussed David Attenborough and the crisis point of climate change and the devastation of the wildfires in Australia.


NEW CLIENT: Little Soap Company


We have a brand-new client announcement, as we embark on a massively exciting new journey/venture with the Little Soap Company, who produce all vegan and ethically sourced and cruelty-free soap products and beauty products. We’re really enjoying working with them and are working on a lot of exciting projects with them.


Campaigns that have caught our eye in January


Boots Campaign

The beautifully filmed Boots Opticians campaign is rather intriguing, it gives the impression of being luxury and high-end brand, with beautiful people floating around in their dresses. The advert then takes a comical turn and the woman turns around to the camera and announces, “alright love, these glasses cost me £50 from Boots”. A very well shot advert.

James Bond Trailer

Another revelation was the upcoming James Bond film, with an announcement from Shari that she has her binoculars at the ready as Daniel Craig is having a house built in the same village(allegedly!).


Who needs some PR love this week?


Prince Harry and Meghan could certainly do with some PR this month. We discussed whether the whole situation could have been handled better from a PR perspective. Will they get the same protection in America or will they be less scrutinised away from the UK and they can, in fact, have some sort of haven in Canada?

Cadburys has just launched a 24-hour eating competition ready for Easter, with contestants eating savoury meals with the desert twist; crème egg meatball and spaghetti, cream egg curry, cream egg cake, and cream egg toasties! Very quirky, are you a cream egg fan?


New technology launches 


Google Algorithm

On Jan 13th, Google rolled out yet another algorithm change, this time it’s a core update directly impacting search results. Google has described core update as “significant, broad changes to search algorithms and systems … designed to ensure that overall, we’re delivering on our mission to present relevant and authoritative content to searchers.”

There is also a shift in rankings within Google; number 1 is now not the top place in the SERPS this has been taken over by position 0.

Read more about the Google update here: https://moz.com/blog/googles-january-2020-core-update

Social Media

Tapping into the latest trends, Facebook are also changing their approach to videos, encouraging people to promote longer content. Will longer video content really capture people’s interest, when our attention span is getting shorter and shorter? Instagram stories are still favoured by millennials and audiences, in general, tend to look at these more than any other social media platform

If you want to find out more about Facebook and their recent changes, click here https://blog.hootsuite.com/facebook-algorithm/

VR and AR

AR is set to overtake VR in 2020, IKEA has jumped on the bandwagon with the launch of their new AR app. This enables the user to place virtual IKEA furniture in their home before making a purchase.


Happy Doodling, keep your ears and eyes peeled for our next podcast!

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