20/2020: The Evolution of the OWB Logo

By 21st January 2020News

A company’s logo is its first point of recognition – it tells the customer what to expect from the company in terms of standard and quality and gives a lasting visual impression.

From Apple to Coca-Cola, many of the most famous brands in the world have completely transformed themselves through their logo, whether staying deliberately retro, or re-designing with every new design trend.

As part of OWB’s 20th anniversary celebrations, we’re taking a look at our logo evolution, and how we have become the brand we are today.

You can clearly see from our first iteration that we quickly lost our full title of Oakley Wilkinson Bryan and went to just OWB instead. When we first started out, the excitement of having your own business and seeing your name up above the door was very appealing. A few years down the line however and you realise it’s not that important – apart from being quite a mouthful too. So now we are happily known as OWB: a little snappier and less indulgent!

Let us know what you think of these retro OWB logos – which would you send to logo heaven, and which is your idea of logo hell?