Black Friday 2020 – How can you still make the most of it?

By 18th November 2020News

It’s a very different kind of Black Friday this year, as lockdown keeps many shoppers at home, and instead serious discounts remain online (no fights erupting over TVs or toy cars at Argos or Currys PC World this year thank goodness!).

The pandemic has had a huge impact on the way that we shop, with many retailers dubbing November as Black Friday Month! Also, taking into consideration the fact that many household budgets will be tighter than usual, we could possibly see less spending or even deeper discounts than usual on certain items to help retailers shift stock that has accumulated during lockdown.

It officially lands on 27 November, so expect to see a whole host of retailers fighting it out, slashing prices on tech products and home appliances small and big – the likes of Amazon have already kicked off their massive sales at the end of October! Although we can’t flock to the shops you can still shop like a pro and stay ahead of the mayhem:

Top tips for bargain hunting on Black Friday:

  • Research your products beforehand:Not all deals are worth jumping on, don’t be too seduced by the price, ensure it’s still a decent product! Do your research, shop around, only take advantage of deals on quality products, or else you may end up paying more out to get a bad product repaired.
  • Patience is a virtue:Due to most deals being shifted to online, stock might sell out at a faster rate so websites will be slow as everyone shops virtually! Deliveries may also take longer due to social distancing in the warehouses.
  • Be wary of unusual brands for high-priced items:As people are in their houses a lot more, they have been purchasing more home related items and are on the hunt for dirt-cheap deals. Samsung and Sony are known for their TVs but what about Polaroid and Blaupunkt? Look into the reviews behind the brand, as they may be decent but there is a reason household names crop up in the sale.
  • Look at the price not the supposed ‘saving’: Offers such as “was £100, now £50” can be an exaggerated saving – look at the * next to the price and read the small print!
  • Get organised and be ready to SHOP: Set up online accounts in advance (if you haven’t already) to speed up the process to make purchasing a swifter process.
  • Create a wishlist:Rather than trawling through every product on sale create a wishlist on the site ahead of Black Friday so it’s easier to see when the prices drop, rather than trawling through every product – you are also more likely to get a bargain on a product that you genuinely want rather than being sucked into the price drop lure.
  • Support local small businesses:Where you can, they really need you right now and it will be money well spent, plus you are more likely to get a unique item that perhaps you wouldn’t find elsewhere!
  • Start early:Many brands start their offers the Monday before Black Friday so make sure that you don’t miss out! The best deals are more likely to be snapped up in a flash.
  • Check the returns policy:Many will have extended returns policies due to retail shops being closed and are usually extended during the Christmas period. Be prepared for a returns peak come January so expect major delays.
  • Don’t forget about Cyber Monday:This historically was a day designated for online deals but some brands will bring out their big deals on the Monday instead. If you didn’t manage to get your dream deal on the Friday don’t be too dis-heartened.

Final tip – grab a snack and a cuppa to give you fuel – happy shopping! Remember, don’t forgot to give the small businesses some love and attention too, you may find some quirky gifts or perfect stocking fillers!

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