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A month in the life of an intern at OWB….

By 7th August 2023News

I came to OWB for work experience to obtain transferable skills that would help increase my employability in the future. Not having any prior experience with marketing, I did not know what to expect. The idea of heading into something completely new was daunting.

For the first week, the team happily allowed me to shadow them while they worked, allowing me to quickly pick up the services they offered and get a brief understanding of what each team member does within the company. Listening in on meetings and briefs (along with guidance from the OWB team) quickly enabled me to understand what a client wishes to achieve and how we can achieve it.

By week two, my nerves had disappeared and I began to communicate with the team and understand marketing terminology and the tasks they were completing. This not only boosted my confidence but also enabled me to connect with the team on a personal level.

I was tasked with completing competitor research to help boost projects with case studies of what worked well and didn’t work so well in the industry. I was then asked to begin thinking about new straplines for these companies.

The team helped me with my design skills, allowing me to do tutorials and courses for Adobe. By week three, I had a grasp on how to use InDesign and Photoshop. This allowed me to be trusted with creating logos for upcoming companies and creating social assets using companies’ brand guidelines.

For my internship, I had to present what I had done during my time at OWB and show what I’d learnt. This allowed me to put my design skills to the test and apply all I’d learnt. I had to design and create a PowerPoint to present to the team as well as external personnel, which was a very exciting task.

In the final week, I was offered a chance to work on my networking skills by attending an event organised by the IOD called the ‘Tech Huddle’, it was great fun and it allowed me to observe speakers and obtain tips for speaking confidently. I was also offered the chance to take a tour around Birmingham College University which would enable me to make an informed decision on what course I would like to complete in the future.

I have left with way more than anyone could imagine. I have really enjoyed my month-long internship. It has taught me a lot, both personally and professionally. I am so thankful to the genuinely amazing people I have ever met for allowing me to take part in this journey. I have left my OWB team with my head high and a newfound love for graphic design, this is not the end of my OWB experience, I will see you in a few years.