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Instagram: A B2B marketing tool?

By 25th July 2023News

Instagram, while often associated with B2C marketing, shouldn’t be ignored by B2B marketers. As an incredibly visual platform, companies marketing their B2B products, particularly within accounting, tech support and other service-based industries often struggle with positioning themselves without appearing repetitive or dull. But it can certainly be done, and there are a number of B2B brands out there really making an impact.

Here are our tips on how to elevate your B2B marketing:

  • Use your products to sell: If you are marketing a product, use real-life examples of your product in action in order to tempt people in. Adobe do a really good job of this, using stunning visual artwork created using their software across their feed.
  • Change up the format: Play around with different media formats to add interest to your feed. For example, banking is boring, right? Wrong 😉 American Express use a mix of stills, carousels and Reels to make their feed anything but…
  • Be playful: whether it’s a topical re-design of your logo, or adopting a temporary colour palette (Barbie pink, anyone?!), jumping onto current social media trends is not solely for the B2C market, even if you’re not working in official collaboration, like Cold Stone Creamery for the aforementioned big screen phenomenon (we wish we’d got that gig!).
  • Give followers an authentic taste of your company: We know that people are more likely to engage with brands whose values closely align with their own, so why not show these values? B2B doesn’t mean corporate and stuffy – show your personality. You can get a real sense of values and a unique tone of voice over on Mailchimp’s Instagram feed.
  • Show your scale: For national or global companies, use imagery to reflect the scale and locations of your business. Fedex do a lovely job of this through their imagery – see how many cities you can identify from their feed!

B2B marketing should not be saved for the confines of LinkedIn – with an effective and strategic plan, Instagram can be a powerful tool for your B2B marketing. If you need help with getting started, get in touch with us today.