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Why print is still relevant in the digital era?

By 5th November 2021News

There is no denying that most companies are focussing on digital as it is easier to track and often more cost efficient. However within the crowded digital space consumers are getting bombarded with social ads, email marketing campaigns and online content and it could be hard to get your messages across…. And this is where print comes in!

Print creates trust
In a recent survey, 56% of people believe that print marketing is the most trustworthy form of communication*. Print offers something that digital can’t offer – high quality branded content that consumers physically can hold in their hands. Print media is also less invasive than digital – consumers can pick and choose of when and where to read the content without getting distracted on busy social media feeds.

Print can help you reach your target audience
If you are choosing print as part of your marketing strategy – it is worth reviewing what channels are right for your target audience. A billboard in a busy shopping centre may attract a younger audience whilst a target Direct Mail campaign may be more suited for B2B marketing.

Print is visible
Investing marketing budget in print may be a bit more expensive however it is much more visible than a digital ad that runs for a week… Go into any office and you will find marketing collateral lying around which is often referred to by multiple people. If you are considering a direct mail campaign, you are in luck – less post means that your campaign through the letterbox is more likely to be picked up and read!

Print can provide the wow factor
Something that digital can’t quite offer is a high-quality print brochure or coffee book that your customers love to flick through…

Print is powerful and here to stay. Why not chat to OWB today and find out more how to incorporate print media into your marketing strategy.