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What is the future of AR?

By 14th March 2022News

What is the future of AR?

Augmented Reality has been gaining traction over the last few years, but the true potential has been simmering under the surface. Within the next few years, AR will become something that will change the way we live.

Although many people are now familiar with the term ‘augmented reality’, few realise what it is truly capable of; many companies have not adopted the technology because it is not widely used in a practical and financially beneficial way, giving the impression that it may only be a fad.


Where is it currently used?

In terms of entertainment, many industry leaders currently use augmented reality as a marketing tool to enhance the experience of their product or service. These are often a cheap thrill that, while impressive and fun to use, only offer a single-use and are often seen as a gimmick.

Other global businesses, such as IKEA, make better use of the technology by integrating practicality into their app, allowing users to place augmented, true-to-size furniture into real spaces.

Less public-facing industries such as Engineering and Medical utilise the technology expertly to train staff using hands-free AR headsets such as Microsoft HoloLens.


7 Reasons to use AR for your business

  1. As technology progresses, augmented reality will become more diverse, accessible and powerful and eventually it will become part of our everyday lives.
  2. The entertainment industry is moving into the world of WebAR; being able to have an AR experience without the need to download an app. Just scan a QR code or click a web link and it automatically takes you to the experience. Web browsers are being enhanced to handle more complex AR content so it won’t be long before the need for an app will be a thing of the past.
  3. Headsets will be refined to the point that they will be no bigger than a pair of glasses and this will be a game-changer. Once an AR device can be worn comfortably for long periods, the AR experiences that will be available to everyone, from the general public right through to scientists and doctors, engineers and educators, will be limitless.
  4. Need directions to the nearest train station? An AR headset can show you the way by overlaying arrows and highlighting street signs to your current view as you walk, cycle or drive.
  5. How about an in-person meeting with people all around the world? You can augment holograms of people on a conference call in your office, giving you a more organic, collaborative and personal feel to a meeting.
  6. Augmented reality also has the edge over Virtual Reality because it maintains the user’s view of the real world while also enhancing it with virtual content. Virtual reality closes the users off to the real world making it a more isolating experience.
  7. Unlike VR, AR does not carry the risk of motion sickness, meaning it’s much more accessible and comfortable to use.


From our perspective, we have experienced a lot more interest in augmented reality-based jobs in the last few years. We have developed an AR platform that allows us to add multiple ‘experiences’ to a single app and continually update with new content, meaning that users don’t have to download more than one app.

Augmented reality is being picked up by a wider range of companies in a multitude of industries and this popularity will grow exponentially, fuelling the exciting world that augmented reality will become.


As a business, it’s a great opportunity to get ahead of the game and your competitors by reviewing how AR can enhance your business right now.

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