Tarns, Crags, Knotts and Stickles….the Cumbrian Challenge

By 15th June 2014News
Our first attempt at The Cumbrian Challenge definitely lived up to its name. Challenge!!
Opting for the tougher course it was an immediate climb out of Grasmere up, up, up and up to the Langdale Pikes with the tougher course taking in ‘Bow Fell’ and ‘Crinkle Crags’. 13 hours, yes 13 sweaty, wet, painful hours later we descended back Into Grasmere and back to the event ground where we, that’s all 800 competitors, had left full of bacon sarnies and apprehension at 8.00am…
Feeling rather battered it was certainly memorable. Rob, Team Captain, kept up a cracking pace and Martin ‘suns out, guns out’ Currie proved to be a very able second lieutenant, with Shari and myself providing vital support advice from the back (“is it up again..there can’t be any more up”)
Enjoyed fabulous company and camaraderie, thank you to the LDC team who organised our teams and everything to get us there and also to the WWTW team who were superb delivering outstanding logistics…plus we even got to see the England game at the Hostel. 
But the big news was delivered by Ed CEO of WWTW who reckoned the £250k raised in 2013 by this single event will be eclipsed this year and the charity will be able to get even more of our wounded back into work outside of the Military.
So thank you for your support. It was tough. Very tough. But well worth it. Get your name down for 2015.
Andy and Shari 

A whopping 13 hour Tougher challenge walk of some 35km…

Techy T-shirts and water bottles brought to us by a wee dram…

Tough and The Tougher Ready to tough it out….

grasmere event ground for the start and finish…every time we saw it it was dark…
The top of one of the crinkles for a few crinkle cut crisps

Top of a pike I think, what an amazing and breathtaking view (Martin takes time out to check the pools)