OWB were tasked with creating a series of training and sales videos for Finance and Leasing for BNP Paribas for both internal and external use, raising brand awareness and educating clients. The projects were filmed on site and various client locations, with OWB responsible for planning, script editing, art directing and post-production editing.

Training Videos

One of our first projects with BNPP was a series of training videos for their Head of Partner Training – Andy Milsom. BNPP needed 16 short training videos for various finance topics to help their partners sell finance to customers.

Client Testimonials Videos

Client testimonials are great for credibility and OWB created a series of client testimonial videos for BNPP. They demonstrate how a strong partnership with BNPP can bring real value to a business. Each case studies covered the history of the relationship, some of the challenges that BNPP has helped the customer overcome and how BNPP is continually developing their partnerships. See two of the videos from the client testimonial series below.

Internal Promotion Videos

OWB also worked with BNPP and the team to create a series of internal promotional videos for their employee proposition project. We created videos for the ICT, Broker and ELS teams. Each Account Manager was filmed on a green screen, cut out and then edited onto another pre-recorded office background.

Rural Asset Finance

SKM Asset Finance