ISO – it’s all about quality!

By 16th October 2020News

A quality award is not normally something you’d associate with a creative agency, but here at OWB it’s been a stalwart in our accreditation cabinet for over 10 years for very good reason – and it’s something we’d recommend to all businesses!

There are some things you just have to have to be able to deliver your services, for example, GDPR compliance, trade body registrations, specific insurances to name a few, but at OWB we’ve also recognised the importance of a couple more accreditations that often get overlooked by our industry – Investor in People status and certified to ISO 9001 status.

IIP is great for a business – it goes without saying that looking after your most valued assets is vital and every business should strive for Investor in People. But a quality award is often overlooked outside the manufacturing industry. So why should you consider a quality award for your business?

We advocate any business gaining such accreditations for; increasing efficiency and productivity across the scope of the business, ensuring smoother operations and identifying gaps in processes, so that we can reassure clients that they will consistently receive a high quality service – which has in fact has helped us to win new business!

The likes of qualifications such as this and FSQS provide OWB with independent audit of our working practices and a level of compliance and regulation that the marketing communications we design and deliver for our financial services clients is robust, positioned effectively and cognisant of regulations. FSQS has also given us an opportunity for other financial institutions to see our profile with the potential of future business.

What business benefits can you gain from ISO 9001 Certification and any other major accreditations?

  • Search Results – your agency is more likely to rank highly on google.
  • A featured snippet of information about your accreditation on your website – having the logos featured is great for building your credibility!
  • Improved chance of winning contracts and winning new business…
  • Boost profits….your agency is trusted and valued
  • Higher customer satisfaction …you can identify gaps in your service offering and ensure efficiency!
  • Reduced product or service problems…as these issues are more likely to have been ironed out.
  • Better management…by implementing consistent, repeatable processes.
  • Increased consistency in business practices…
  • Enhanced employee satisfaction and job security …it’s great for engaging staff and ensuring better training is in place and that the company is best serving their needs.
  • Quality Management and consistent, streamlined business processes.
  • Giving you the competitive edge.
  • Prepare for the future… it allows you improve your business, as it grows and evolves, processes grow and evolve too.

One of the greatest strengths of gaining such accreditations that OWB has found is in it helping. to implement processes with consistent results that are easily repeatable. This leaves you confident that your organisation is producing quality results every time. But this also ensures that your customers can feel confident that they’ll consistently receive a high-quality service.

Talk to us today if you want advice or information on how accreditations have helped us as a business or if you would like to partner with us in taking your brand to the next level!