Animation: 7 steps to create an animated video

By 21st June 2021News

As part of our animation focus this month, we’re looking at the creation process… Whilst each animation is totally unique to each client, we follow 7 steps when creating your animation to ensure that the final product meets your brief, brings your brand to life in the best way possible, and stays in line with your budget!


Step 1 – Briefing and research

At an initial briefing, we listen to your objectives and goals to understand the story the animation needs to convey. What type of animation do you require? What is your budget? How will it be showcased? How long (roughly!) will it need to be? Are there any specific branding elements that need to be considered?

Step 2 – Scripting

Whether you have a fixed idea of what you need your animation to say, or perhaps we have free reign with the concept, we will work together to create a script and rough storyboard to put your ideas together.

Step 3 – Styling

From rough scamps and a written script, we will create branded storyboard frames to show you the colours, styling and notes on how the animation will work. This gives you an opportunity to see how the animation will look and make any tweaks to the flow/content before animation work begins.

Step 4 – Voiceover

Selecting the right voiceover to match your brand (and your budget!) is key to bringing your animation together. Regional accents, demographic of the audience and brand tone of voice are all important when making a selection. We always recommend using an approved voiceover artist – recordings done on WhatsApp usually end up in a bad quality voiceover!

Step 5 – Animation

Following script and storyboard sign-off, we get to work animating! Creating your animation is quite an involved process; our team of animators will thoroughly go through your script, storyboard and voiceover to bring the animation to life with seamless and slick transitions and visual effects.

Step 6 – Audio

Voiceovers, background music and sound effects are added next – although you may think they aren’t as important as the visuals, they do a really important job of tying everything together to create a cohesive product.

Step 7 – Sign-off

Lastly, your final animation is exported suitable for publishing on agreed channels, whether that’s your website, social media channels, ATL advertising billboards, or all of the above!

Ready to bring your brand to life through animation? Speak to Andy today to start the ball rolling. You can also view our animation playlist on our YouTube channel here: