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A day in the life of work experience from Pippa at OWB….

By 22nd June 2023News

When my school gave me the opportunity to complete some work experience, I decided to experience life at OWB Creative. OWB is a renowned advertising and marketing agency, who are experts in creating campaigns for a broad range of clients. Marketing is a vital part of business and is a section of business that really interests me, so completing my work experience at OWB was a perfect chance to experience marketing strategies come to life. During my week there, I was introduced to the friendly team and was given an overview of the work they do, which included the introduction to the tools that are used to project, and social media manage (Toggle, Briefcase and Pallyy).

I later moved onto learning more about client relations and how proposals are formed. The designers toured me around their projects and software they use, e.g. email adverts which are programmed and automatically sent out and social media assets which are designed using software like InDesign. I was also given the opportunity to have a go at creating an advert by using the brand guidelines for a client who decided to rebrand their whole business, granting me first-hand experience in design.

Next, discussions were formed about a client in the leisure industry who was making the choice about using OWB’s services. To help with the proposal, I was set the task of researching competitors and ways of advertising their business such as social media and magazines. I also researched different merchandise products for a new client, discovering the best way to please and meet the wants of the client.

I had an amazing week learning from the whole team and I am so grateful for the chance that OWB gave me. (So much so I even brought in some cake to share with the team!!)

I learnt a collection of information, all of which will help me understand marketing and advertising more.

Thanks OWB!!

A day in the life of a full service marketing agency Birmingham
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