Monthly Archives: March, 2012

Three jacketed Spuds

Denstone’s finest exports got together for the inaugural thought-leader conference yesterday in London to discuss the future of education. Keynote speakers included Prof Tim ‘dunna pud’ Collingwood and Simon ‘3 O levels’ Martin: Feedback from Londoners included ‘..move big fella you’re blocking the pavement’ and ‘..another bottle of wine, really, are you sure?’ Collingwood summarised: […]

All gone Big Ron

Great night at the Belfry Sporting Club with some choice Ronglish – which should be standard stuff for any budding copywriter…

Podium Finish for GO-WB

Last night, The Raceway Birmingham played host to a 90min Endurance Kart race attended by the infamous OWB and race teams. Despite heated pre-race office banter, the race began in good spirits (with owb qualifying 1st and Scotchegg 7th). These positive vibes continues as at the half way stage OWB held a strong lead […]