Monthly Archives: July, 2011

Fire and firewater….

A rather wonderful team night out, started beautifully at Teppanyaki, ended terribly with a hideous bucketload of foul tasting shots and hangovers….

Norms goes down hard….

The Warrington Whippet, Normski, did some great work for charity mate playing in the blistering heat of south London to raise £121,349 – a new Football Marathon record for 63 courageous teams battled hard to play 788 games over 12 hours. “it was hell out there” commented Norm “it was a game of two […]


The ECO challenge begins…we’ve been set the task by Rybrook BMW over the course of this week to drive the brand new 320d ED, hot off the production line, we’ve got 2.5 days each at the helm….and have to get the most efficient figures to win the coveted RYBROOK CHALLENGE FUEL EFFICIENCY trophy, chequebook and […]

Creating Brand Logic

Fleetlogic are the leaders in providing fixed costs, accident management and fleet management for commercial fleets the length and breadth of the UK. Our 2011 branding campaign in key industry title Motor Transport and support for the Motor Transport Awards, Fleetlogic as a key sponsor, brought together in a fun and eye-catching manner timely illogical […]

Shari joining the mile high club on Friday – actually 2.5 miles to be exact and coming back towards earth at a mind blowing 160mph….! So for anyone who hates flying – I would recommend jumping out the aircraft instead – it’s the only way to go. So keep your clothes on and join the […]

Cake for Work

Yes, it is official as part of “Start Up Britain” and to encourage the wider acceptance of work based learning we are now offering week long work experience for those who bake cake. Jess (see pictured with her amazing triple decker chocolate, cream, malteser and marshmallow extravaganza) is coming to an end of her week. […]