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Display Advertising

Do you dream of being able to find your customers online and compete for their attention amongst the myriad of distractions and other advertisers fighting for them? Of course you do! It’s what every business wants – to be able to identify your ideal customer and target them with your advert just at the right moment. Well, it’s now no longer a dream.

Intelligent customer targeting has arrived in the form of programmatic advertising.

So what is programmatic advertising? It refers to the process of purchasing digital ad space via a piece of software. This software relies on algorithms to deliver advertisements using real-time bidding. This is also known as programmatic marketing or programmatic media buying.

Before programmatic ad buying, online advertising was bought based on choosing the websites you thought your customer might visit. Now the basis is reversed and rather than making an educated guess at your customers browsing interest, you can profile your customer’s demographics and let software discover where they are online.

Not only does the system work out where they are, but the intelligent software learns from their behaviour too. It constantly re-evaluates and hones the targeting, thus making your buying more effective as time goes on.

Programmatic advertising automates the decision-making process of digital media buying by targeting a specific audience and specific demographics related to the campaign. Targeting buying allows users to maximise their return on investment in advertising budgets.

The adverts are placed using artificial intelligence and real-time bidding for online display, social media, mobile video and now TV. Meaning that you can hit the right audience at the right time to drive higher-quality leads for brands.

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