Creative Concepts

A concept means ‘an abstract idea’. You may have a need for an exhibition stand, an advertising campaign or even some packaging ideas. For OWB a concept would be the very beginning of developing creative ideas to fulfil those needs.

For a designer this means steps for how to conceive their designs generally involving research, analysis and a thorough understanding of the brief and end user.

The concept can be developed from a series of questions to determine where to begin and the best direction to move in; What is the company’s goal? What kind of customers does it have? What is the product or service all about?

The answers to these questions will begin the process of developing your concepts. We have hugely talented inhouse illustrators, so you may prefer your concepts developed by good old-fashioned hand drawn visuals? But our team of designers are just as adept in creating designs as mac visuals too and this can all be part of the process as we work to delivering the final creative piece for your exhibition stand, your DM campaign, your advert or whatever you need, we have the skill to create it for you.

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