The brief was to raise awareness of prescription charge fraud, which costs the NHS millions of pounds each year in missed revenue. At the time of the brief, the client’s approach was to install posters and leaflets in pharmacies.

OWB took a completely different route and  developed an informative style using PR, outdoor media and Facebook advertising to raise awareness with the public. On a limited budget, OWB took the message external with a  high-profile campaign consisting of radio coverage, extensive PR and bus-backs.

The  campaign was hugely successful and delivered exceptional results. 1 in 6 of the respondents  recall the advertising campaign and half of the respondents clearly understood what the  campaign was about. After showing the marketing campaign to those surveyed, there was a  40% recall – overall these figures are well above average.

For this particular campaign, we worked closely with the NHS to create multi-channel PR  content articles stated how many prescription offences there were in the local area and gained large press coverage both online and offline. We also managed to get an interview on BBC radio Stoke, which reached 500,000. 

What the client said; “Last week we had a presentation of the results of the research into the effectiveness of the Stoke awareness campaign. The headline is that the campaign has delivered very good results. There’s a high level of awareness and the campaign does seemed to have increased understanding. OWB were brilliant from start to finish and are pleasure to work with. 

Well done team these are really positive results!  
Heather Deacon, NHS BSA