Monthly Archives: September, 2010

“I should have changed that stupid lock…”

“I should have thrown away the key,if I’d have known for just one minute I’d be locked in here after a wee..” Shari is rescued by “Super-Steve the Shrewsbury Town fan” after being stuck in the loo. She still managed to fire out briefs ( Ed!) to the design team from behind lock and key, […]

We love Pete’s Cake….

We love Shari’s Dads cake, it is quite wonderful. Here is a finished piece of foil, devoid of Cake. Pete give generously and give more Cake. Go to

Get ‘Orf moi LAND….

New MINI campaign for the launch of the eagerly awaited Countryman, EXCLUSIVELY out this weekend at Rybrook Mini…

2010 Judging Panel Assignment

Had a fabulous day with Aspire4U, the Birmingham based Youth Training Community Interest Group, the team invited me to help Judge the marketing campaigns devised by the teams to market: TALENT 2010 – Aspire4U’s 5th Talent Event covering music, dance, fashion, comedy and more…. and The NYAM Project – an exploration of Jamaican Heritage and […]

IN Preparation for TOTAL WIPEOUT Norm piles on the pounds…