Monthly Archives: January, 2010

New levels of Excellence Achieved by OWB…

Another wonderful OWB quiet night in! At the Investor in Excellence Awards, ICC enjoying half a shandy with friends and clients of Team OWB…. “….and if If you go to San Francisco…”be sure to avoid Adrian

First iSlate User we believe…

…we couldnt contain our joy at taking shipment of what we believe is the first generation of the new iSlate. The simplicity of the keyboard, outstanding pcket-size functionality and really big buttons are marvellous. I have used this now for 2 minutes and cant see how I can live without it.

2010 Predictions

David Cameron will become prime minister. Joe Mcelderry ‘comes out’. Michael Schumacher will win the F1 world championship. England will crash out of the world cup on penalties. Foursquare will become the next big web trend. Stu will pass his marketing diploma and driving test. We will get fit training for LDC tour Jonesey makes […]