Yule come back…

By 13th November 2012News

Christmas has definitely arrived very early this year, not surprising really as the retail sector needs a super-bumper harvest.

A few early observations of my own – it’s the first time I have seen so many second hand toys being advertised by friends on social media sites especially Facebook. This is an interesting tactic, maybe I’ve just missed it in previous years but it strikes me as a good move for making a few quid and shows the power of online networks (or is it the fact that the new eBay logo looks exactly like Google’s and folks are confused and taken matters into their own auction hands)

And secondly why have the big supermarket xmas ad spots followed exactly the same message, which is hilarious, it is almost as though the same brief has passed around the creative departments of their agencies.

Brief: We need to show; harassed Mother, over-indulgent Christmas, non-supportive family and a great big supportive retailer..

Anyway back to making my
stormtrooper outfit for the OWB Xmas party…