Work Experience at OWB

By 26th October 2015News

Last week we hosted Grace, a year 11 student completing her work experience in marketing. Grace is interested in marketing and thought it would be good to see what we actually do!  She spent time in different departments so she learnt something about social marketing, account management and design. On Thursday afternoon, Grace accompanied Shari, Mike and Richard at Global Radio seeing behind the scenes. At the station, they were welcomed by Sacha, who showed them around the studio and as part of the tour they were also disc jockey for 30 seconds. Grace did an excellent job with her knowledge of modern music and being in charge as production assistant.
Are you keen to go into marketing? Would you like to do a week’s work experience at OWB? Get in touch today!  Ps. one of the requirements is that you bake us a lovely cake just like Grace did!