What is evergreen content? And how do you create it?

By 6th August 2015News

Evergreen content is content that doesn’t go stale and that your audience loves and shares. It is content that brings in visitors continuously. This content has to be relevant at all times and you should be able to share this with your followers on Social Media all year round without losing its news value.
right here’s some examples that aren’t evergreen content:
– EU referendum: this might be a hot topic now, but after the referendum has taken place no one will remember it.
– Things to do for August Bank Holiday weekend: bank holiday weekends only come round once year and very few people will be interested in it in January.
– Orange is the New Black: this show might be popular now and could engage very well on social media, but no one is going to remember what happened in Episode 1 of Season 3 after a while.
So what are examples of evergreen content?
– Top 10 tips for hosting a dinner party: people had dinner parties two decades ago and will likely still have them in three decades time: tips to make your dinner party successful will always come in handy.
– How to budget your money better: people will always have in interest in money and how you can budget better, therefore this content will be as interesting now as it will be in a decade.
Invest in evergreen content
Evergreen content is unlike more seasonal and newsworthy content it will last a lot longer therefore it is worth investing in it. This content should make up the anchor text of your website. It should be well researched, well written and detailed. The content might last 5 years, so it is worth reviewing this and updating when needed.
Evergreen content is good for your SEO
As evergreen content is focussed on the long term rather than the short term, you should think about the keywords that you are using and carefully use them in your text. Good content attracts search engine traffic. Also, adding images will help to increase your SEO value.
evergreen content
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