Timothy Collingwood (Phillips House) prepares for Charity cycle ride

In rather unusual attire all-round good guy, Colville Arms stalwart and former U13’s House swimming champion Timothy Collingwood has turned to cycling for charity.
“it has always been a dream of mine…” commented Mr C, when interviewed roadside by intrepid OWB reporters “…. to take my chopper out in public, since upgrading from the Tomahawk to the Grifter I still felt the ride wasn’t right, so the 3 gears and banana saddle will definitely be the right choice of bike for the Scottish hills”
Seen here sporting his Unique all-weather cycling and high-visibility range of cycling gear (sales have stalled but Tim is expecting a good second half) TC takes to the highlands in May.
Good luck!
Tim is cycling for Hope against Cancer, give generously
Sabiana can be found here