The Big Hoot has landed!

By 17th July 2015News

OWB are all of a flutter and ruffled with excitement! And it’s all because The Big Hoot has finally landed. This exciting open air art exhibition will see 89 individually designed 6ft owl sculptures swoop in and take over public spaces all over the city, for the Midlands largest ever community art project.
OWB have reason to be doubly excited; having developed the concept and the branding of the owl, in conjunction with organisers Wild in Art, they have their very own owl too! ‘The Big Hoot’ owl will be showing off his plumage at Millennium Point from 20th July.
“It’s a fantastic creative and imaginative initiative that celebrates Birmingham’s diversity as well as raising vital funds for Birmingham’s Children’s Hospital, and we are delighted to be a part of it” comments OWB Managing Director, Andy Wilkinson.
The Big Hoot runs for 10 weeks from 20th July. After local communities and thousands of visitors have enjoyed the event, during its 10 week run, the large owls will be auctioned to raise what we hope will be significant funds for Birmingham’s Children’s Hospital.

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