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INSPIRE magazine a marque of success for Rybrook

The all-new Inspire magazine is launched celebrating the Rybrook Group’s premier brands. Detailed pieces on the McLaren P1 and McLaren 12C, Porsche 918 Spyder, Rolls-Royce Wraith and Bentley V8 were brought together in one beautiful publication for customers and prospects. Visit http://www.rybrook.co.uk or contact Andy at OWB if you’re interested in an introduction or a copy […]

Check out this Bad Boy….

See and Drive the MINI GP2 at the Rybrook Stratford Ride and Drive event http://www.rybrook.co.uk/mini this coming weekend 16th and 17th March…ask andy@owb.uk.com if you want any info or an invite.

McLaren test drive…enough said

Jonny Cooper, friend, business consultant and all-round good guy to OWB and our clients was invited by McLaren Brimingham to put the legendary British built MP4-12C through its paces at MIRA. Excitement Kia not the word, Jonny will be providing a full review of his amazing experience but suffice it to say a picture paints […]


The ECO challenge begins…we’ve been set the task by Rybrook BMW over the course of this week to drive the brand new 320d ED, hot off the production line, we’ve got 2.5 days each at the helm….and have to get the most efficient figures to win the coveted RYBROOK CHALLENGE FUEL EFFICIENCY trophy, chequebook and […]

the latest Twittermobile….

the fun, the stares, the “oright Delboy” shouts…I never knew driving could be so much fun!