SEO trends for 2016

By 7th January 2016News

Which SEO trends will dominate 2016? Which ones should you adopt in your digital marketing strategy for 2016?
Mobile-optimisation will become more important than desktop optimisation
2015 was the year we saw Google introduce us to the ‘Mobilegeddon’ update penalising websites that are behind the mobile compliance area in 2016 we expect the importance of mobiles to grow even further.  Mobile phones have changed the way we search – who doesn’t use Siri, Cortana or Google now to search for nearby restaurants? Digital Assistants are constantly improving and are used more and more so this trend could reward pages that contain conversational content.
Apps will become more important
Google has been indexing apps for quite some time now, all part of the big shift towards mobile users. Did you know that the average person uses 26% of their apps daily*? Therefore you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of an app. In 2016 ‘deep links’ to apps (pointing towards a specific page or section of a specific app) will start to add more weight more to your SEO. 2016 should be the year to seriously consider releasing an app.
Video Content
Google is currently experimenting with video ads in search results with the expectation that they will release an algorithm that will give precedence to website with regular feed of video. Implementing videos as part of your 2016 strategy is recommended.
Social Media
Search for a news item and you are quite likely to see a Tweet in your Google search results hence the importance of keeping an active social media schedule.  In 2016 it is also important to engage with your followers in a different ways –updates should be visually engaging through the use of video or assets.  With data bundles and 4G growing in the UK we expect users to share video of events in real time with apps like Snapchat and Periscope.  Customers also expect their queries to be handled in timely manner – you need to be as on ‘always on; as they are.
mobile SEO
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*source: Google App indexing