PR and social content driving engagement for CVSL

As part of this year’s marketing strategy for Altrincham-based contract hire and leasing company CVSL, we focus on the success of ‘green fleets’. In particular, CVSL have found marketing the Tesla S, its first electronic vehicle (EV), to its corporate clients to be extremely.

In response, a solid PR and social content strategy has been implemented around the theme – these methods have a proven track record of creating and maintaining an engaged digital following, recently highlighted by the coverage CVSL received in press. The article highlights both the increased interest in electronic vehicles, and CVSL’s successes in offering the vehicles for lease or hire. The full article is available here.

Christiaan van den Broek is pleased with how the strategy is progressing, saying “We’ve been saying it for years – you cannot underestimate the power of social media. For businesses like CVSL we are concentrating on growing and engaging with their customer base online. As the business grows, so does the outreach of its PR and digital content, and this is something we are happy to be ‘driving’ forward for them.”

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CVSL going green

CVSL going green