Podium Finish for GO-WB

By 8th March 2012News

Last night, The Raceway Birmingham played host to a 90min Endurance Kart race attended by the infamous OWB and Scotche.gg race teams. Despite heated pre-race office banter, the race began in good spirits (with owb qualifying 1st and Scotchegg 7th). These positive vibes continues as at the half way stage OWB held a strong lead over the 11 team field, thanks to inspired driving by the OWB trio. However, things started to take a turn for the worse, Mike’s distinct lack of talent, combined with a spin and crash from Shari and a 15 second pit lane penalty for Jonesy for overtaking (back markers Scotchegg) during a yellow flag resulted in a respectable 3rd place finish for a bit SLO-WB. A small mention for the Scotchegg’s who finished about 6th ish, the small matter of 2 whole laps behind OWB.We look forward to the next meet, where the Scotchegg’s will be looking to turn the tide, whilst all will be hoping Andy returns from the Karting wilderness!