OWB attends LDC’s annual national QUIZ

By 14th October 2016News

It was that time of the year again to pick our brains (and oh boy did we) at LDC’s annual quiz. Held for the 11th time this year, the quiz has raised tens of thousands of pounds for 8 charities around the country. The quiz, which is held over 8 cities in the UK, sees 169 teams competing with each other and has already raised the stunning amount of £135,000 this year. In Birmingham we have raised vital funds for Birmingham Children’s Hospital Rare Disease Centre. Where children with rare diseases who often have multiple complications can all be treated at the specialist centre.
So… How did we do in the in the Quiz? OWB’s came tenth!
An example question (to make us feel a little less like dunces!) is below – test your knowledge:
2 fathers, 2 sons each shoot a rabbit, what’s the minimum amount of rabbits that are shot?
Until next year!