Norms Big Weekend in Paris…he did take the missus really

By 26th April 2010News

April 14th
Arrive in Paris, usual Paris stuff…Louvre, Notre Dame, Arc Du Triomphe….. Almost attacked by ravenous, rabid french dog (CIMG1239.jpg)

April 15th
More paris stuff… Eiffel tower, Pompidou Centre, Sacre Soeur Cathedral and a slap up meal of fois gras and goose guts.

April 16th
Flights home cancelled, no eurostar, no coaches…flights rebooked for Monday 19th….rest of day spent cycling round Paris in typical tourist fashion. Sadly, poor back brakes don’t allow for skids

April 18th
Flights for 19th cancelled…spent 5 hours in Gare Du Nord train station to book tickets to Calais. Lent old American woman my phone to ring her family….phone returned, covered in sweat.

April 19th
Day of leisure…breakfast of 6 pain au chocolade under Eiffel tower, more loutish bicycle based behaviour

April 20th
Train from Paris to Calais with 1 hour stop in the middle of nowhere….arrive at Calais, jump in a taxi to the port to join a long queue for ferry tickets. Finally get tickets, for the Cargo ferry (expecting to have to hold a chicken on crossing). Arrive in Dover, coach to London to stop over at girlfriend’s dads.

April 21st
Coach from London, taxi to the Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield. Arrive home 5 days late and a bucket full of euros worse off.