Meet the latest addition to our team… Rachel Tingle

By 8th March 2017News

Our latest rising star Rachel Tingle joined the OWB team as an Account Executive this week. With her broad smile and excellent organisational skills she knows how to look after key clients!
With two Rachels now in the team, have you got any nicknames you would like to share with us?
The names are already extensive and ever-growing, due to my intriguing surname ‘Tingle’ that has a tingaling ring to it…Here are some names that are floating around to help differentiate myself from the other Rachel in the office….Tingles, TingTong, It’s Tingle time, Ting-tong-nicka-ding-dong, Tingley, Tingtong pingpong and Ting TongMacadangdang
Where were you before us?
Previous roles include Marketing Executive at Enterprise Inns, a leading tenanted and leased pub operator. Before that I was a Marketing Co-coordinator at newspaper publisher Trinity Mirror. I spent time contributing to fresh and engaging ideas that could be translated into impactful campaigns, capturing the essence of the brands I worked with and building meaningful connections with the intended audience.  Both very varied industries to adapt to, but the roles taught me to innovative, knowing and individualistic and to push myself creatively, thinking outside the box– an approach I intend to follow at OWB.
What do you get up to in your spare time?
I horse ride leisurely. I am also obsessed with finding new restaurants and exploring new types of food, tantalising dishes to tickle my taste buds.  I like to travel as often as possible; there are too many places still to visit on my bucket list. I tend to have my weekends filled with as many plans as possible.
Tea or coffee?
Time of day dependent; I do like to jazz it up a little…I mean you can’t beat a good ol’ brew but I am a caramel/vanilla latte addict.
Cat or dogs?
Cat lover, seeing as I do own a playful and grey/white feline named Minky (A.K.A Queen Stinky Minky).
Disclaimer: I am not a crazy cat lady however, which seems to be the general assumption if you own a cat these days!
With a former egg-head contestant in the team and an award winning DJ – is there anything exciting we should know about you?
I like to live a fairly active lifestyle. I horse ride once a week leisurely and go on a 30 minute jog (nothing more, nothing less) 4/5 times a week. You could say I am a massive ‘feeder’ if that is classed as a unique personal quality. I love cooking food for people, friends, work colleagues (I am the worst for bringing in sweet treats into the office – any dentist expense claims are usually thrown in my direction.)
I do love a good colouring book (I have an Animal Kingdom Adult colouring book), it is a very underrated and relaxing form of ‘me-time’.
You struggled in the chilli tasting contest at the OWB Towers earlier this week… So tell us what’s your favourite food?
This is probably one of the most difficult questions anyone could ever ask me. I like a mish mash of food genre types. Thai, Caribbean, anything fish related, Indian and Mexican are my top picks – I am always up for trying new food and like to be experimental and adventurous with my preferences (‘foodie’ mentality kicking in there.)
Welcome to the team Tingles!