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By 12th January 2015News

We love sharing good news and stories of success with our clients. Recently we started working with a new partner delivering in-depth website market intelligence and so far the results we’ve seen for our clients have been outstanding!
Our Partner, Lead Forensics, can help your business maximise the return from lead generation activity by identifying the visitors to your website and turning them into hot leads.
Research shows that 98% of B2B website visitors will browse pages but don’t make an enquiry. This means that your investment in online marketing activity to generate traffic to your website is potentially wasted. Sales are missing out on hot leads to follow up; gain the advantage to identify your anonymous website visitors before your competitors get the chance. The Lead Forensics solution provides the business name, address, telephone number, industry, turnover and employee numbers of your anonymous website visitors, and tells you what pages they viewed.

The leads stack up for vehicle leasing client Prohire

Prohire have been using Lead Forensics for around 6 months now and already we can see the benefits from both a Sales and Marketing perspective.
By monitoring who visits our website, we have been able to identify high priority leads and through our internal telemarketing, proactively contact the organisations who have shown an interest in our business. This in turn has increased conversions from calls to sales leads and appointments and allowed us the opportunity to build rapports with companies who are potentially in the market over the coming months.
Lead Forensics has allowed us to see what works well on our website and track which pages are visited most frequently and those that need to be reviewed. Over the coming months Lead Forensics will be crucial in our direct marketing campaigns in allowing us to see who visits our site as a result of other marketing initiatives.
To date I can offer nothing but praise for the excellent service that Lead Forensics provides to our business.
Michelle Miles-Brown
Customer Relations Manager

For more information call Andy or Shari on 0121 766 6571.

Visit the Lead Forensic team website www.leadforensics.com