It's Eur-O-W-B 2012. Win an O-W-Brolly!

By 7th June 2012News
Add your starting English Team for a chance to win life-changing prizes

…Jumpers for goalposts…rushback goalie… and old Johnny “Johnny” Johnnerson upfront….It’s the OWB EURO competition corner – simply tell us by Midday on Monday 11th June you’re starting England line up for England vs France and you could be keeping precipitation off the Burberry with a super-stylish OWB brolly, tucking into a choctastic football boot* or knocking back Jubilee vodka by the cart-load whilst hurling abuse at the telly.

Whip in your team to and all your dreams could come true….

Promotional Terms: Your football related boot may not be a boot but could be a packet of Penguins. When we say all of your dreams could come true of course that does not include England winning.