Is your company LinkedIn profile optimised?

By 18th August 2015News

You are probably aware of LinkedIn and you might use it personally and for your company. But did you know it is the world’s largest professional social network? LinkedIn is unlike Facebook and Twitter, more focussed on connecting businesses and professionals.
Professionals use LinkedIn for job opportunities and follow community groups and companies that post useful content. It is a great way of keeping up to date with industry news and it allows companies to quickly find the right person for the job.
Why is LinkedIn important for your business?
LinkedIn is a great place to make connections and participate in discussions. Sharing content will give you exposure, helping you to become a thought leader which could lead to potential (new) customers.
Create an inspiring company page – show the world who you are and what you do!

Linkedin Social Media Strategy


  1. Use a high resolution company profile picture that’s tailored for LinkedIn – as you can see ours is clear and visible and people will recognise the OWB brand.
  2. Complete your company profile! Make sure to add your website URL, Twitter account, sector that you are active in and how many employees are working for you.
  3. Fill in the about us bit! And don’t forget about SEO as Google will display the first 150 characters.

SEO description Google

  1. Banner image should be engaging and eye catching. Our banner image shouts Birmingham and OWB. Change this on a regular basis to prevent it losing its impact.
  2. Promote your page – why not ask your personal connections to like your company page.

Optimise your page? Start sharing engaging content that your followers will love. As a company it is important to have a LinkedIn strategy set out with some clear objectives. Require more information on LinkedIn? Need a strategy for this useful platform? Get in touch with us today