Invigorating the creative sandals and bathrobe

By 4th December 2011News

I’ve never been to a Spa and found myself enjoying last years Christmas present today at Eden Spa, Hoar Cross Staffordshire. Now, whilst I would describe myself as a fairly broad-minded individual, albeit somewhere nearer to stone-age man than modern-man, I had doubts on arrival seeing the amassed flesh wondering around in fluffy bathrobes and soft musak…but wow it didn’t take me long to get into the swing of it and grab the whole experience by the flip-flops and get stuck in.

The experience I had was superb, the staff were fabulous and made me feel very welcome (I think I was the only bloke in amongst 150ish ladies from hen groups to seasonal escapees) a few strong coffees in the little café and grasping the Sunday Times I ventured poolside to the detox centre (gave that a good shoe’ing) couple of other aqua bits and a kip to be aroused in time for lunch.

Now that was an experience, believing the whole carrot, lettuce and water myth I was pleasantly offered a chilled chardonnay, beautiful 3-course meal and a couple of christmas crackers!

My afternoon treatment was a face de-stress. I felt quite sorry for the lovely young therapist who had to enjoy my witty banter (well I thought it was witty) – it was an extremely invigorating experience but I was slightly bemused when I was left alone at the end with my head in a towel for 5 minutes –
apparently it allows one to gather oneself.

A further David Wilkie-esque (not) blast up and down the pool, more sleep, and afternoon tea rounded off a spiritually reviving and invigorating experience, certainly not the last time I “robe up in public”
Andy W