Hidden Logo Meanings

By 1st March 2018News
How many hidden logo meanings have you spotted?

Logos are everywhere: on our clothes, on the items we use everyday and even on the food packaging that we buy. But have you ever wondered where the idea behind the logo came from and what they actually mean?
Many of the logos that we recognise and see on a daily basis actually have a deep-routed subliminal message. Below are a few of our favourites and we’ve delved into the meanings behind them. How many of these sneaky messages have you spotted without help?



Simple but effective, the Toyota logo has been around since 1990. If you thought these were just a pretty selection of ovals grouped together to form a ‘T’ then think again.This logo is a very clever use of typography that accommodates every letter present in the name of the company.



Toblerone features an iconic mountain logo, symbolizing the Matterhorn Mountain in Switzerland and highlights Bern – the city in which Toblerone is made. But have you ever noticed the silhouette of a bear? Bern is also known as the city of bears.



An incredibly popular shipping company with its logo plastered on trucks and planes advertising their speed and delivery more than you may realise. Notice the little arrow between the ‘E’ and ‘X’? This is said to represent that the company is always on the go, striving to get things done.



Can you see it yet? There’s a rather obvious ‘a’ to ‘z’ statement hidden here somewhere… This is said to illustrate the sheer variety of products that the online store sells. Then there’s the arrow shaped into a smile, with the arrowhead being a stylized dimple. This indicates the happiness people feel when they shop with Amazon.



Sony Vaio, or rather Visual Audio Intelligent Organiser, is known worldwide for its technology and has a well-recognised logo. However, not everyone realises the clever meaning behind the VAIO squiggle. The logo actually represents the integration of analogue and digital technology within its products. The ‘VA’ is like an analogue wave, whilst the ‘IO’ resembles 1 and 0, representing the digital signal.


Arguably one of the most famous logos in the world. There are many different theories and stories associated with where it came from. One theory behind the logo is that it’s a tribute to Alan Turing, the man who laid the foundations for the modern-day computer. Alan killed himself by biting into an apple laced with cyanide – this theory was however denied by Mr Janoff (the designer of the Apple logo).
Another theory is that the idea came from the story of Adam and Eve. The apple is supposed to be Eve, which represents the fruits from the Tree of Knowledge.

Next time you come across a logo that you’re not familiar with, take a closer look – you never know what could be hiding right in front of your eyes.

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